Apple Pencil 2 to adopt new minimalist design, new charging method, and gestures support

According to Benjamin Geskin, the second-generation Apple Pencil will adopt a more minimalist design, remove the silver ring at the top, and will also support a new charging method, as well as magnetic that will be sticks to the iPad and the support of gestures thanks to the newly-added side button
At the moment, it’s unclear what the new charging method is, perhaps charging it while magnetizing to the iPad. Current Apple Pencil need to be charged via the Lightning port. Moreover, based on the findings in the iOS system, we knew that Apple Pencil 2 will have a side button design and support multiple gestures. Apple Pencil 2 also supports a new pairing method similar to AirPods pairing.

– Design is even more minimalistic, the silver rail on top is now gone.
– Tap and Swipe gestures along the pencil.
– Magnetically attachable to the new iPad.
– New charging method.

The company will hold a press event tomorrow to launch redesigned iPad Pros, second-generation of Apple Pencil, as well as new Mac computers. The media event will kick off at 10:00 AM Eastern Time, which will be in 7:00 AM in Pacific Time, watch the time!

Image Via iMore

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