Should You Buy The iPhone XR?

Image: Apple

As Pre-Orders of the iPhone Xr have begun, are you on the fence about upgrading? Here’s what you need to know.

The iPhone XR is Apple’s so-called ‘budget’ phone priced at $749 which isn’t actually a budget compared to its competitors but the iPhone XR has flagship-level features which not all budget phones have.

1. Face-ID:

The iPhone XR though at a lower price point has the 3D facial recognition which is said to be faster than that on the iPhone X.

2. Liquid Retina Display:

The iPhone XR has the best LCD display in the market which is brighter than the usual ones. Though OLED is much advanced this display will be a great choice, just lacking high pixel density and the deep blacks it delivers a great experience no other LCD display can.

3. Single Rear Camera:

Though the iPhone XR has a single camera it can deliver Smart HDR and Depth Control which the iPhone X lacks and can deliver images better than the iPhone X.

4. Apple A12 Bionic:

Though it is not a flagship device it has the worlds first 7nm processor with the neural engine which is currently the best processor in the industry. It is faster than the iPhone X and can be compared with the iPhone XR Though it has less RAM.

5. Battery:

The iPhone XR has a larger battery than the iPhone XS and is said to deliver 1.5 hours more than the iPhone 8 Plus and can charge wirelessly via Qi.


The iPhone XR is a great upgrade if you own an iPhone 8 Plus or older and if you have an iPhone X you can skip it as the iPhone X offers you an OLED and a better display with a stainless steel build which will surely continue to feel as a much more premium device than the aluminium iPhone XR.

–  @iPranav31 (Instagram)

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