MacOS Mojave Released, Should You Install It?

Image Credit: Apple Summit Library

After months of waiting, macOS Mojave has finally been released to the public.

The release follows the recent iOS 12 update, made public September 12. MacOS Mojave adds many new features, including a new screenshot tool, dark mode for the entire user interface, a dynamic wallpaper that changes throughout the day, and my personal favorite, the ability to quickly insert photos recently taken by your iPhone.

Click here for more information about macOS Mojave.

Previous to Mojave, Apple had macOS High Sierra, which has been renowned for its numerous bugs, including the ability to log in to one’s App Store preferences without even entering the right access code.

This may prompt the question, “Should I update to Mojave; what if there are critical security flaws?”

As with any software update, it is essential to wait a few days to see if any serious bugs surface that can hinder the security, privacy, or usability of the device.

According to Tech Crunch, Patrick Wardle, a “chief research officer at Digita Security” discovered a “bug [that] could allow a malicious app to grab certain protected data, such as a user’s contacts, when a user is logged in.”

With that, it may be better to hold off on downloading the new update to your expensive computer. Personally, I am waiting for Apple to release macOS Mojave 10.14.1 (or whatever the next update may be numbered), so that any serious security flaws that have been discovered will be hammered out.



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