Apple Watch Series 4: What was announced, and what you need to know

Image: Apple

The Apple Special Event came and went. With it, we finally got to see the final Series 4 Apple Watch in all of its glory. The Apple Watch Series 4 is packed with a beautiful, redesigned display, new health features, and fitness capabilities. Here is everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 4.


The Series 4 keeps the iconic Apple Watch shape, but now with a 30% larger display with both models. The 38mm and 42mm are now 40 and 44 mm. The display is now edge to edge, with a curve similar to the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, and the previous iPhone X.

The rear of all Series 4 models features a dark ceramic back, covered with Sapphire Crystal, that houses the heart rate and electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors.

In order to process the data from these sensors, Apple Watch Series 4 features a new Apple S4 chip that is now 64-bit architecture. Apple claims that the new S4 chip is twice as fast as the previous S3 chip, but, still claims an 18-hour all-day battery life. In regards to the speaker quality, the official press release says, “The speaker is 50 percent louder, optimized for phone calls, Siri and Walkie-Talkie, and the microphone has been relocated, to reduce echo for better sound quality.

The Digital Crown on the Series 4 model features Haptic Feedback, allowing for more precise control of what happens on the display. According to the press release, “[The Digital Crown] offers a more mechanical and responsive feel through the sensation of incremental clicks.

Image: Apple

(ECG) Electrocardiogram Sensor

Along with the Series 4 model, Apple introduced a new ECG App for Series 4 customers. The app allows you to take precise readings of your heart rhythm and works with the electrical heart rate sensor on the rear. The sensor works when you place your finger on the Digital Crown, and the built-in electrodes along with the sensor help to deliver a heart rhythm classification after about 30 seconds. From there, it determines whether your heart rhythm is beating at a normal pattern, or if you have Atrial Fibrillation (AFib).

The app then stores this information in the Health app on the users iPhone and saves the information as a PDF for you to share with your doctor or cardiologist.

“With watchOS 5, Apple Watch intermittently analyzes heart rhythms in the background and sends a notification if an irregular heart rhythm such as AFib is detected. It can also alert the user if the heart rate exceeds or falls below a specified threshold.”

SOS and Fall Detection

Introduced with Apple Watch Series 4, utilizing a next-generation accelerometer and gyroscope, and custom algorithms, the watch will now be able to detect falls of up to 32 g-forces. In the official press release, Apple says “by analyzing wrist trajectory and impact acceleration, Apple Watch sends the user an alert after a fall, which can be dismissed or used to initiate a call to emergency services.

If the Apple Watch detects that you have not moved in 60 seconds, it will automatically call emergency services, and send an alert with your location to a specified emergency contact.



As said above, the new Series 4 Apple Watch features a 30% larger display compared to the previous models. The 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch are now 40mm and 44mm.

Furthermore, the entire watchOS 5 user interface was optimized for the larger, edge-to-edge display of the Series 4 Apple Watch. According to Apple, “the larger display allows for app icons and fonts that are bigger and easier to read, while complications have been beautifully enhanced to be more precise and informative.

Apple has also introduced beautiful new watch faces that take advantage of such a display. According to the press release, “New watch faces take full advantage of the Series 4 display, from the endlessly customizable Infograph face, to the Breathe face, where the animation is timed around a deep breath. Additionally, a suite of motion faces, including Vapor, Liquid Metal, Fire and Water reacts uniquely with the curved edges of the case.

Pricing and Availability 

The Series 4 Apple Watch starts at $399 for the GPS Sport and NIKE models and $499 for the GPS + Cellular Sport and NIKE models. The Stainless Steel Apple Watch comes only in GPS + Cellular and is $699 for either the Space Grey, Gold, or Stainless Steel case with Sport Band. The Milanese Loop model is $799.

The Hermès model comes back for the Series 4 model and will cost $1,399 for the new Indigo/Craie/Orange Swift Leather Double Tour model. The rest of the Hermès line ranges from $1,249 to $1,499.

Gone is the Ceramic Edition model from last year, though. Apple has also discontinued the Link Bracelet model. Apple is keeping the Series 3 around at a cheaper price of $279 and $379. But, they do not have the larger display or ECG sensor.

The cheaper Series 3 is available now. The Series 4 model pre-order starts Friday, September 14th, and available on Friday, September 21st.

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