A New iOS Update is Now Available: iOS 12 Developer Beta 12 Released!

Anyone on iOS 12 Developer beta 11 knows this pop up, “A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 12 beta.” Thankfully, iOS 12 Developer beta 12 fixed that pesky bug.

In relation to beta 11, nothing has changed besides fixing the obnoxious pop up (as noted within the changelog for iOS 12 Developer beta 12). This pop up would appear whenever you powered on your device, unlocked it, or when you looked into the notification center and then went back to what you were originally looking at.  It was bearable, but quite unpleasant for most beta testers. The update is less than 100 MB, so it is easy and quick to download and install.

As stated previously, this beta is stable, and seems to be one of the last betas till final release, which is estimated to be on September 12th, 2018, only 9 days away.



Images via:

Featured Image: ZDNet

Pop-up Image: Elizabeth Sardes

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Elizabeth Sardes

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