Apple’s Growing Number of Repair and Exchange Programs

Image: Pexels

Apple has recently added a repair program for yet another one of their products, the iPhone 8. According to Apple, a manufacturing defect is causing a small number of iPhone 8 devices to freeze, restart, or not turn on. If your device is affected, follow the instructions listed on the page for a free repair.

Not only that, but following months of complaints about keys becoming “sticky” or faulty, primarily from small particles of dust getting under them, Apple recently began an Exchange and Repair Extension program for MacBooks with the butterfly keyboard.

These repair programs may convey to some a lack of quality control in Apple. Considering Apple’s recent one trillion dollar market value; perhaps they should put more capital towards research and development.

I have experienced my fair share of bugs in iOS 11 on my iPhone X, which tends to portray a lack of quality of this $1000 device. The overall experience however is more seamless than my previous phone. Apple has a strong ecosystem unlike any other technology company. They apply strong attention to detail and aim to make their products as intuitive as possible.

It is essential to recognize that this “manufacturing defect” is not present in any other iPhone model. iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are fine. Though these programs may chisel away at Apple’s image, at least Apple is open about device defects and is willing to assist their customers.

Hopefully Apple’s technology will continue to advance to the high quality, innovative products we are all accustomed to. Looking forward to the September 12 event for additional insight!

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