Group FaceTime Will Not Release in iOS 12

Image: Apple

The latest iOS 12 developer beta was released today with an unexpected surprise. Group FaceTime which is one of the companies most anticipated features was not available to use on the beta. The update to FaceTime was scheduled to release with iOS 12 in September but Guilherme Rambo, one of Apple’s lead developers sent a note saying “group facetime will ship in a future software update later this fall.”

When released, group facetime will allow up to 32 people to connect seamlessly in one group chat where you can manually select a certain person to be the focus point, or use Apple’s built-in automation to magnify the person who is speaking.

The news comes after Apple delayed many other products and features including AirPlay 2 and the HomePod.

Some 3rd party apps already support this feature, so we will just have to wait for the big update.

Published by

Matt Quinn

CEO of Vortech City Writer for Apple Summit

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