Apple Watch Series 4 Rumours, Price & Release Date

Image: Venya Geskin

The Apple Watch Series 3 was announced last year on September 12th bringing new features that included cellular, music streaming, voice feedback, some new bands and a few more features. This means that we should be preparing for an update to the device coming within the next few months bringing a completely new set of updates that I will be discussing in this article.

Release Date

Now before I get into the new updates coming to the next watch it is important to know when the next generation will be coming to market.

These are the dates that the past three watches were released

  • Apple Watch (first-gen): 24 Apr 2015
  • Apple Watch Series 1 & Series 2: 16 Sept 2016
  • Apple Watch Series 3: 22 Sept 2017

Assuming Apple sticks with this pattern, we should expect the next watch to be announced between September 10th and 20th at Apple’s iPhone event. The watch itself will most likely be purchasable a couple days after the announcement.


Considering the fact that this is a smartwatch we probably won’t be seeing a dramatic update like with saw with the previous devices, although a few major changes are expected to be coming to the design of the device.

Larger Screen

The Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to keep the same square shape that we’ve seen with previous models although we should be prepared to see much smaller bezels around the edges of the watch with the screen potentially curving around the sides like we saw with the recent Samsung Galaxy devices.

Haptic Buttons

According to Fast Company, Apple has been designing new buttons to replace the current physical side buttons with touch-sensitive solid state haptic buttons. This essentially means that similar to the iPhone 7 and 8, the buttons will not push into the device but rather will vibrate when clicking them. These new buttons could improve reliability and allow the user to further customize the watch.

Smart Bands

One of the more prominent rumors is suggesting that Apple is developing their own set of modular smart bands. These new bands are expected to house their own set of technology which will allow feedback from the watch to flow through the entire band. This would allow the user to feel notifications and vibrations throughout their wrist instead of just on the top.

New Features


Some rumors have surfaced recently that a camera will be built into the watch to allow for photos and videos to be taken even faster without needing to take out your phone.

Gesture Controls

Another more prominent rumor is that you will be able to use wrist and hand gestures to control what happens on the watch.

Face ID

Considering the fact that Apple may be bringing a camera to the next Apple Watch, it would open up a large opportunity for them to implement Face ID technology into the watch to allow users to sign into the watch simply by looking at it. This new feature would make the watch much more secure.

Better Battery Life

A feature that we see almost every year with most devices is improved battery life and Apple is not expected to disappoint expanding it to around 2 days.


The final feature which is pretty much guaranteed is Watch OS 5 and it will be bringing a ton of new features on the software side of things. You can read more about Watch OS 5 here


At the moment the price of the Apple Watch series 3 is $330.

The price of the Series 4 apple watch is expected to remain the same unless Apple dramatically rethinks their next wearable.

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