iOS 12 Beta 5 is out for Developers and Public beta testers

Apple’s Detail Is Shown With The Tiny iOS 12 Update, Find Out The New Features…

The Changes:

  • Full list of changes
  • Control Center controls are now darker
  • Wallpaper saturation has increased
  • Lyric Search explainer in Apple Music
  • New splash screen for Photos app
  • New icons for media type albums in Photos
  • “Share Across Devices” toggle in Screen Time
  • Use Screen Time passcode above toggle instead of towards bottom (similar location overall)
  • Family members removed from Screen Time section (still under Apple ID > Family Sharing
  • Apple Watch app third party data sources list is pared down
  • Smaller text for clearing all notifications
  • Battery Health lost beta designation
  • Stock Widget size change
  • When setting wallpaper on non-iPhone X, icon in Share Sheet has a ring around the Home button
  • News app has updated icons
  • New hapitc feedback on iPhone X when all apps are closed in App Switcher
  • Includes new AirPods case imagery that appear to show off an upcoming design change, possibly the new Qi charging case
  • FaceTime has new connecting/disconnecting tonesSource: AppleInsider, iUpdateOS

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