New Activity Stickers, Refined Memojis, and More:​ iOS 12 Developer Beta 4 Released!

iOS 12 beta 4 was just released for developers this afternoon, this update comes in at about 600 MB (which is quite substantial) with a build number of 16A5327f! So, what’s new?


What’s New?

  • iOS automatic updates suggested during setup
  • Fixes AppleWatch contact syncing
  • Even more new Activity stickers in iMessages
  • Setting wallpaper with a photo now resolved, it wasnt able to be repositioned before
  • Pages for individual apps in screentime
  • Cellular usage now organized by the highest amount of data usage, not alphabetical
  • Activity app has tweaked icons for workouts
  • Tweaked disclosure icon on passes in Wallet
  • Accident ahead notifications now on Apple Maps
  • 1x/2x for iPhone apps on iPad now has expand arrows instead
  • New license agreement prompts
  • Animoji gains more lip style choices, earring colors now have shine
  • Fortnite no longer crashes on landing
  • Netflix should no longer crash when downloading a video


  • OpenVPN app usage is broken
  • Shortcuts can be programmed to run themselves which causes an infinite loop
  • Some users experienced no call audio on the iPhone X
  • Issues with photo quality
  • Installing apps may not work: Apple suggests you try again if you experience this
  • Siri Shortcuts might not work when locked
  • T-MOBILE USERS: Issues with wifi calling when switching between wifi and cellular

Although, Apple recently announced new emojis, they are currently not present on this beta.

The public beta is expected later today! However, developer beta 5 should be expected either July 24th or the 31st.

Images via: 

Feature Image- CNet

Screenshots- Elizabeth Sardes

Emoji Related Pictures- Apple

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