Bug Fixes and Improvements: iOS 11.4.1 beta 5 Released!

Coming in at 34 MB with a build number of 15G5077a on the iPhone 7+, this beta is just bug fixes and improvements like the last few (including betas 2,3 and 4) have been. Beta 5 is available for both developer and public beta testers.

With the last few betas, no differences can be found on the surface as most changes are under the hood. Performance on this beta is also relatively the same as iOS 11.4 and previous iOS 11.4.1 betas.

Included on this beta (11.4.1) is the ability to change whether your phone should connect to USB Accessories after an hour or not, this is alterable within Touch ID and Passcode settings.


One bug has been found that occurs when the user enters Facetime notification settings, turns Banners on, then off, the system will respring.

However, the “a” in the build number suggests that iOS 11.4.1 is almost ready for public release. iOS 11.4.1 is suggested to be released on either the 9th or the 16th of July.


Images Via: 

Feature Image- ShutterStock

Screen Shots- Elizabeth Sardes


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