Get The Best MacOS Mojave Features In Windows 10

Do You Love The MacOS Mojave But Have A Windows Laptop Or PC?? We’ve Got A Way To Get This Done..

Dark Mode:


Windows 10 Already Has An InBuilt Dark Mode But Not As Efficient As Replacing With Dark Icons But It Will Get Your Work Done.

-Open Settings.

-Go To Personalisation > Colours > Turn Default App Mode To Dark.

-And Select A Dark Black Or Grey For Start And Taskbar.




Download links:

Download These Wallpapers And And Make A Folder With As Many Wallpapers You Want And Turn Off Shuffle.

Then Select The Slideshow Time Depending On The Number Of Wallpapers You Want Making 24Hrs.


Desktop Stacks:

Screenshot 2018-06-30 at 10.24.41 PM.png

For Fixing Your Cluttered Desktop You Can Use A Windows 10 App Called Fences By Stardock.

This Might Be Little Different From That Of Mac But Would Give You One As Useful As The MacOS.



Quick Look:

You Can Install The Quick Look App From The Windows Store.

Then Configure The App Depending On Where You Want To Use.

Then Toggle It With Space Bar + Left Click On The Object.


ScreenShot Editor

Install The TinyTake App :

And It Will Give Features Like Screenshot Editor, Screen Recorder And Many More..


Gallery View:

Get Mac OS Gallery View Already In Windows 10 Named Preview Pane But Does Not Give As Much Information As That On Mac Gives.

By @iPranav_31 (Instagram)
Cover Image Source: BeeBom

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