LG To Supply 2-4 Million OLED Screens For Apple’s iPhone X Plus This Year

South China Morning Post reports that LG Display has begun producing OLED display panels for Apple’s iPhone X Plus. The first batch of production may be ready to go before the September debut of the new iPhones. This also means that LG will soon become Apple’s second largest OLED screen supplier.

Although LG Display initially can only supply 2 million to 4 million OLED screens for Apple, which is far behind iPhones’ needs, but the supplies should increase in the next few months. On the other hand, Samsung will still be the main supplier.

The first OLED screens from LG Display will be used in one model of the new iPhones slated for release this year, the people said. LG Display wants to supply all the screens for that Apple model, though it is not clear it can yet achieve that, one of the people said. The shipment is subject to two layers of approval, the first of which is expected around July, the people said.

Meanwhile, according to South Korea’s ET News, who claimed that Apple will complete the conversion next year, in which all future iPhone models will be equipped with OLED screens.

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Image Via CNET

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