How to Install the iOS 12 Public Beta

Now that iOS 12 has been released for Public beta testing, let’s go through how to sign up for beta testing and how to install it safely.

  1. Go to the Apple Beta Software Program hub and click ‘Sign Up’ to register with your Apple ID.
  2. Log into the Apple Beta Software Program site.
  3. Click into the ‘Enroll Your Devices” section.
  4. Click on iOS.
  5. On your iOS device go to and download the configuration profile.
  6. Install the configuration profile and restart your phone.
  7. Tap Settings > General > Software Update to install any available beta software.

Before installing any beta software it is recommended that you back up your iPhone to either iTunes or iCloud. Apple released a detailed guide on how to backup and archive said back up to your home computer, this can be found here. Don’t worry though, as long as you follow all of their directions your precious information will be safe.

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Featured Image: Apple

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