iOS 12 Developer beta 2 released: Improved Battery Graphs, New 911 Safety Features, UI Improvements, and more!

Coming in with a build number of 16A5308e on the iPhone 6s, this beta brings buttery smooth animations and many UI tweaks.  With that being said, let’s check out what’s new!

Screen Time:

When turning on Screen Time for the first time, you’ll be greeted by a brand new splash screen that details the features offered.


Also included is the ability to view the Screen Time of your other iCloud connected devices.



Battery graphs are now more detailed in demonstrating activity in correlation with the battery level of the phone.


911 Auto-call:

iPhones on iOS 12 will automatically share precise location data during 911 calls within the United States.


Bluetooth icon doesn’t appear on status bar unless connected to headphones, even with an Apple Watch connected.

Password Autofill:

There is now a new interface for autofilling in passwords.


Voice Memos:

Voice Memos now has an updated splash screen.


User Interface Tweaks:

  • Location icon in status bar is more rounded off.
  • “X” in notification center is bolder and easier to use.
  • Updated 3D notification preview animation.
  • Arrows for Siri Shortcuts in Spotlight search rather than a white box like in beta 1.
  • Blue Airplay icon in music control widget.
  • Spotlight is now listed as a section within the News app.
  • Updated Memoji color options.
  • Battery usage time is now labeled “Activity”
  • New camera shape within iMessage.

UI imporovements also include speed and stability. The amazing animation speed and fluidity, even on older devices like the iPhone 6s shows that Apple is paying careful attention to every device! If it’s buttery smooth on the 6s, it’s guaranteed to be even better on some of the newer devices.


However, some notable bugs include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Non-functional weather widget
  • Universal Links might not open the expected target app.
  • Netflix unexpectedly quits when downloading a video.
  • Twitter might display a blank login screen.
  • Playback might not pause when one AirPod is removed from your ear.
  • CarPlay might not connect to certain vehicles.
  • Group FaceTime calls can’t be initiated between iOS 12 beta 2 and iOS 12 beta 1. Both participants must be on the same beta of iOS 12. FaceTime calls may also be interrupted by a poor connection message, and FaceTime might unexpectedly quit.
  • Screen Time must be re-enabled after installing iOS 12 beta 2, and all Screen Time settings are reset after updating.
  • Voice Memos might not sync between devices even when iCloud syncing is enabled.
  • Personal phone numbers may be deleted from iMessage send addresses.
  • Home Pod users have noticed that voice detection and use of commands are not working with iOS 12 beta 2.
  • Timers are unusable.

Public beta testing was promised to occur by the end of June, which means it will be coming very soon! However, as of right now iOS 12 beta 2 is limited to developers.

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Screenshots- Elizabeth Sardes


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