iOS 11.4.1 Developer Beta 3 Seeded!

Coming in at around 170 MB, with a build number of 15G5072a, on the iPhone 7+. This update seems to be a purely under the hood improvements and fixes kind of release. Nevertheless, let’s dive in!

This third beta was released less than a week after the second, this suggests that full public release is near. However, usage on the iPhone 7+ is extremely laggy, the process of opening apps is often delayed or nonfunctional. iMessage applications also refuse to open, or are extremely delayed when opening. It appears that while attempting to fix other bugs under the hood, performance may have been affected.

Animations are also a bit jumpy compared to previous versions of iOS 11.4.1 and even iOS 12 Developer beta 1.

Although iOS 11.4.1 Developer beta 3 is much smoother than the first developer preview of iOS 12, it is definitely a step down in terms of performance from iOS 11.4.1 Developer beta 2.

On my behalf, I’d recommend staying on Developer/Public beta 2 of iOS 11.4.1 if you’re on an iPhone 7+ until the next beta release which would hopefully fix these troubles.

Overall, there hasn’t been any new features or recognizable improvements in any iOS 11.4.1 betas, but it’s still great to see that Apple cares about keeping their software as up to date as possible. Hopefully this small bunch of bugs and delays will be patched and the software will return back to traditional Apple fluidity before the official public release of iOS 11.4.1.

Public release of iOS 11.4.1 beta 3 is expected within the next few days.

Images via:

Feature Image- Forbes

Screenshot- Elizabeth Sardes

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