How Apple Can Make iOS Great Again??

Just one day to go for the announcement of iOS 12 but these are a few features which may not be included but can make iOS great again..

Re-Designed Home Screen With Widgets:

30-ios-blocks-1It Has Been 5 Years Since A Major Redesign. It would be great to have an option to resize stock or third party apps icon to widgets.

This not only brings a fresh look but also gives a few shortcuts without opening apps and make your screen interactive.

This can be currently achieved by using a tweak called Curago (iOS Blocks) In the iOSCreatix Repo on *jailbroken iOS 10.3.3 or above devices.

Concept Source: @iOSBlocks – Twitter

Re-Designed Control Center And Recents:

22497772_1573454636008158_464363994_n.jpgThe iOS control center has been re-designed every year but the iOS 11 Control Center looks great but the shortcuts were not up to the mark with disconnect rather than turn off.

The iOS Control Center was difficult to open but this problem can be fixed with this solution.

Concept Source: @iPranav_31- Instagram

Complications On Home Screen:

iOS-12-Concepts-Wishlists-3.pngThe Lock screen currently has a simple UI but can be made much usable with simple shortcuts available on the WatchOS since 1.0

Concept Source:

*Jailbreaking is not official, will void warranty, causes accidental resprings and lot of bugs.

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