Apple to unlock the NFC chip in iOS 12

NFC chips of the latest generation iPhones will be unlocked on the new and upcoming iOS 12.

All eyes are on Apple’s annual developer conference,WWDC, which is set to begin on June 4. The five-day event will take place in San Jose, California. Apple will make software and hardware announcements.
Considering Apple’s history of keeping things discreet, everything around iOS 12 is based on speculations and reports. Even then there’s quite a lot revealed about the possible features Apple could introduce with iOS 12.
The latest comes from The Information (via9to5Mac) which reports on Apple introducing advanced NFC capabilities on iOS 12.

Apple introduced NFC chips on its iPhones with the iPhone 6 which is used for its digital payment, Apple Pay. Apple is said to have further developed its NFC technology by making iPhones work as a hotel key card and even a transportation card. The functionality would be similar as that of Apple Pay where the user just taps the object with the iPhone. This usage would increase and go beyond digital payments.
According to Apple’s usual schedule, following the announcement of iOS 12 the first public beta should be released by June. The stable version of iOS 12 is expected to release by September.

Hope upgrade reach us without bugs.

Credits to

iUpdatos for the image

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