iOS 11.4.1 Developer Beta​ 1 Released!

iOS 11.4.1 Developer Beta 1 was released just a day after the official public drop of iOS 11.4. Therefore, it’s obvious Apple is not wasting any time, and is making sure their software is the absolute best it can be. With that being said, what has changed?

Coming in at approximately 287.7 MB on the iPhone 7+ with a build number of 15G5054c, it seems this update is only “bug fixes and improvements”.

Most notably, bugs including the floating icon remaining stationary on the screen despite turning the page, disordered iMessages, and the black dot iMessage glitch have all been squashed.

Performance and stability seem to be about the same as iOS 11.4. It is likely that this Beta mostly dealt with boosting under the hood stability and performance, but it is hard to tell from typical developer testing such as that done here at Apple Summit. iMessages on iCloud and Airplay 2 are still included, and they seem to be here for good now, which is excellent news.

However, the blank icon bug, the glitch that causes animations to disappear, and some respring bugs (while quite difficult to provoke) have not been patched within this update.IMG_4905.jpg

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Featured Image: My Smart Price

Screen Shot- Elizabeth Sardes

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