New Patent For Do Not Disturb

Apple just recently filed a new patent that would greatly improve the way users interact with the Do Not Disturb feature on iOS.The way this new feature would work is that while “Do Not Disturb While Driving” is enabled, it would enable Siri to answer incoming calls for the user and possibly prompt the caller with an option to leave a message. This new feature is most likely in direct competition with Google Assistant’s ability to call businesses and schedule and do tasks for the owner over the phone.

Though this feature is unlikely to come out right away as Apple has many patents that it does not implement right away, there is hope that possibly it could be unveiled at WWWDC 2018 with iOS 12 which would be a key feature to entice users to use the Do Not Disturb feature more often. This feature seems extremely cool and many people are completely for it and want to embrace this new future of AI becoming more routine, while others see a potential issue with this technology as people are scared of the outcome of what AI can do being able to speak to real life people. Only time will tell if this feature is relevant and useful, but as of now it feels only wishful thinking. If it does become true, it will be a fun thing to use on occasions to keep callers “in-the-loop” when the user does not answer because they are driving.


Image from the Apple Summit official Instagram page @applesummit

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