Are the iPhone SE (2018) leaks True?

Recently olixar had leaked the iPhone SE 2018 With Its cases and screen protectors.. its predictions with the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S8, One Plus 6 Were very much true.
Do you think a budget end phone would have all those features?

Apple has its counter to all these leaks and rumours before the launch of the iPhone X there were many leaks similar to those from the real production line. Like Theseiphone-8-touch-id.jpgFake-iPhone-8-Video-Leak.jpgAnd now recently they are proved to be the originally from the production line and apple has leaked them on purpose after finalizing their design. After looking at these ugly iPhone’s every one were quiet unhappy but the suddenly they brought the cool new iPhone X and everyone were quite happy.

Now this time it might be the same thing happening and olixar is currently selling only cases which are similar to those of the old SE so only the size is confirmed and not the display.

But the only problem is, with such high hyped leaks, if they launch a similar SE designed phone every apple fan would be unhappy…

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