Where Is The Highly Anticipated AirPower Wireless Charger?

Apple announced their luxury AirPower wireless charging mat along side the unveiling of the iPhone 8 and X to celebrate their wireless charging capabilities but where has it gone?

There has been much speculation about the device, it was originally supposed to come out in February of 2018 but it still remains in the dark as it is now nearing the end of May. People are expecting that it is to officially be put on sale or at least have some sort of update during the annual WWDC to take place in June.

There has been questions about whether or not the AirPower pad will even be releasing at all. This may end up being a terrible product launch for apple as it is to be way much more expensive than regular large wireless charges and the hype is going south day by day. The chances of it coming out during WWDC are high but leakers are not too positive due to the complete lack of news and leaks of any sort lately.


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