iOS 11.4 Beta 6 Released to Developers!

iOS 11.4 Developer Beta 6 was just seeded less than 3 days after Beta 5, but why?


Coming in at 47 MB on the iPhone 7+ with a build number of 15F5079a and the Feedback app still remaining, it is clear that Apple is still not ready to push out the final Gold Master software. However, this is a good thing. Apple is finally focusing on the perfection of their software rather than pushing something out without full and thorough testing.

Within this release, all that was altered were CPU and Compute speeds, previously they were much faster, however, this may have caused instability for some users.

iMessages on iCloud and Airplay 2 are still included within this Beta, which leads us to believe they will, in fact, be released to the general public within the official iOS 11.4 update.

As of right now, the public beta is not out to testers the same day like Beta 5 was, but it should be expected very soon.

Images via: 

Cover image- 9to5Mac

Screenshot- Elizabeth Sardes

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