The Future of iMacs

The design of the iMac hasn’t changed since 2012, and people are beginning to notice. The thick bezels and large chin are beginning to make the iMac look and feel like an outdated computer, causing many people to believe that the internals will be just as outdated. Contrary to this, the beautiful 5k retina display and well-designed peripherals – except the Magic Mouse 2 (obviously) – allow the iMac to deliver an amazing user experience for anyone who purchases it. But what is the future of this controversial device?

Whilst Apple is unlikely to change a huge amount with the next model of iMac, they prefer to spend money on research and development of more popular products such as the iPhone, they will likely add a 6 core variant as well as reduce the bezel size.

I believe that a 6 core or maybe even 8 core version of the iMac may be coming, as it would match the 6 core rumored MacBook Pro and would bring the iMac’s CPU up to a modern standard, something Apple needs to ensure to comply with as of the high price of the iMac. This would be particularly easy to implement as Intel offers a number of 6 core processors, it would draw many more users to the iMac and from there into the overall Apple eco-system.


Another great update to the iMac would be the reduction of the size of the bezels. The bezels of the iMac are one of the worst aesthetic features of the product as a whole. Even a small reduction of the bezels would greatly improve the overarching aesthetic of the iMac.

Concepts by @halonews__ on Instagram 

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James Watling

Hi, I'm James, a writer at Apple Summit as well as CEO and co-founder of Apple Juice Tech.

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