How To View Purchase History On Your iOS 11 Devices

With the introduction of iOS 11, users can now view their purchase history directly from their iOS devices. Previously, the feature was only available on iTunes for Macs and PCs. While users can view purchase history through the iOS App Store and the iTunes Store, according to Apple’s Support document, this is meant to help you redownload your purchases on any compatible device. Here is how to view them!

  1. Tap the Settings app on your iOS devices.
  2. Tap your name on the top of the Settings app.
  3. Click on “iTunes & App Store” option.
  4. Tap on your Apple ID
  5. Click on “View Apple ID”.
  6. Authenticate with Touch ID/Face ID/Passcode
  7. Scroll to Purchase History and tap it.
  8. And that’s it!

If you click on an item in the purchase history, you will see more detailed information, such as the purchase/download date and the device name of the purchased content. It’s worth noting that in the “Purchase History” section, click “Last 90 Days” to set a date range for it.

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Image Via 9to5Mac

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