Didn’t Apple Try The In-Display Touch ID?

When all the phone makers started embedding the fingerprint sensor in the display for a bezel-less display everyone thinks apple couldn’t make it so they moved to much advanced FaceID, Which is halfway true….

We know that apple was one of the first company to take patents for In-Display TouchID and FaceID we have not seen a phone yet from apple with this technology.

Apple says that it abandoned all work on an embedded Touch ID sensor as soon as it saw how good Face ID was. Some leaks show that a fingerprint reader embedded into the screen simply did work well, but tests on a rival system appear to show that the option would have been viable.

But on some recent test’s of the VIVO X20 with an under display fingerprint reader it failed to unlock with wet or dirty when the iPhone 8 TouchID did work which is a great drawback. And the speed gradually decreases with day-to-day use which cause small scuffs and damages.

Apple can do that with this years line-up but they felt FaceID Much superior and onne of our favourite feature no android phone can compete with…

Video Credits: youtube.com/MKBHD (Creator Of The Decade)

Image Credits: Moe Slah


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