iOS 11.4 Beta 5 Released to Developers and Public Beta testers!

Coming in at a whopping 2.2 Gb, with a build number of 15F5077a, it’s possible this is the Gold Master edition.

So, what’s new?

Within this Beta, it was discovered that the volume button in the Control Center had been fixed. In previous betas usage of the volume had been impossible, however, usage is still delayed on some devices.

It has also been discovered that altering the ringtone volume within the settings app is impossible or delayed on some devices.

Besides those bugs and fixes, no new features have been discovered as of now. Most fixes in these Betas have been under the hood.

Fortunately, iMessages on iCloud and Airplay 2 are on track for release in iOS 11.4. Hopefully Apple will carry out iMessages on iCloud this time.

Released about a week after Beta 4, and with each update becoming more and more stable it seems that iOS 11.4 will be released at WWDC.

However, this build coming in at 2.2 Gb could mean that this is a near final build, or even the Gold Master itself.

Images via: Cover Image- Apple insider

Article screenshot- Elizabeth Sardes

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