The ‘iPhone SE 2018’ Brings On More Confusion…

Till Yesterday We Had No Expectation’s On The iPhone SE With The Same Design And Only A Glass Back For Wireless Charging But Now It Is Completly Different…Olixar One Of A Company Which Makes Cases And Screen Protectors Has Recently Opened Pre-Booking For Screen Protector For The Next Budget iPhone And They Believe That It Isn’t iPhone SE 2 But The ‘iPhone SE 2018’ And It Will Have An iPhone X Like Notch-Design And As This Is A Budget Phone It Might Not Feature FaceID But The TouchID Is A Big Confusion.

Trusting Some Company That Just Puts Some Concepts??

Yes It Might Not Be Too Reliant But Recently Their Case For The One Plus 6 Was Absolutely True Which Is Yet To Be Released So There Might Be A Small Chances Of Expecting A Bezel-Less Display In The SE (2018)

Olixar shared wireframe schematics of the supposed new chassis, including supposed dimensions for the device. The phone will be about 12.1cm long by 5.5cm wide, almost identical to the current SE’s dimensions. Most interestingly, the schematics measure the notch region as being only 1.87cm wide.

When These Screen Protectors Were Compared With The iPhone SE (1) It Shared The Same Exact Size…


This is significantly smaller than the notch on the iPhone X, about half as wide. We would speculate that the Face ID components are not part of this region, with the notch housing the front camera and earpiece, which explains the size difference. However, then you run into another question which is how does a user unlock this hypothetical device, if both Face ID and a Home button are not present?

Image Source: Olixar

Edited By: @iPranav31 (Instagram)

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