iOS 11.4 Developer Beta 3 Released!

Today, Apple released iOS 11.4 beta 3 filled with many new changes and bug fixes! Within the last week iOS 11.3.1 was released with minor improvements and bug fixes, one including a touch input fix for iPhone 8’s serviced with a non-genuine display replacement.

However, 11.4 has what iOS 11 has been lacking since launch: iMessages on iCloud. iOS 11.4 will also contain Airplay 2 and is currently being tested in these betas.

11.4 Beta 3 comes in at 214 mB on iPhone 7 Plus.

However, several sources note that the third beta of iOS 11.4 has two build numbers: 15F4061d and 154061e. As of now it is not clear why there is this difference, or whether it has any effect on the software.

New features unique to this beta include:

  • Improved business chat capabilities
  • Expanded ClassKit support for developers
  • Unique wallpapers for new Product (RED) iPhone 8 and 8+ models.

Most however, are under the hood bug fixes and improvements that should improve the user experience.

It is unknown at this moment when iOS 11.4 will be finalized and released to the general public. Although, if this developer beta proves stable, an identical copy will be pushed out for those in the public beta testing program within the next coming days!

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