Apple To Drop Another Revolutionary Feature Of The iPhone..

Ming-Chi Kuo (the best apple analyst on the planet), the KGI Securities analyst has revealed Apple will cancel a massive feature in its next-generation iPhones…

Digging into kuo’s reports it is found that apple is going to drop the 3D Touch  for the 2018 LCD Budget iPhone.

The reason is Apple’s introduction of new display construction technology called the ‘CGS’ (Cover Glass Sensor) process. CGS separates the touch sensor from the display allowing Apple to reduce weight, cut costs and increase durability but it is incompatible with 3D Touch. Kuo says CGS displays will debut in Apple’s all-new LCD iPhone Yet To come out in september 2018. And It Is expected to be ditched completely from 2019 lineup.

3D Touch was the big highlight of the iPhone 6S launch in 2015. Many others tried to implement this technology but no one came close to apple. In my opinion, this is quite not well implemented. 3D Touch, which uses sensors under the display to detect pressure levels, is unique. There is literally no other rival smartphone maker with this technology, and its accuracy means 3D Touch has greater flexibility than the basic long press used by competitors.

But Apple Also Failed to bring 3D touch to iPad Line up and most likely the longpress seen on android phones would be added with no additional technology required. With this Apple might have decided a good alternative for giving us a light and strong iPhone.

Image Source Apple



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