Intel to supply 70% of LTE Chips for 2018 iPhones

Apple.Inc has collaborated with Intel.Co for the production of LTE or Wireless chips to embed into Apple’s iPhones.

iPhone’s wireless chips also known as W-Chip Processor (‘W’ stands for wireless). iPhone’s W-Chip is slow comparing to Intel’s wireless processor. Apple iPhone’s W-Chip only supports 600 Mbps (Mega Bites Per Second) where as the new Intel wireless chip supports a Gigabit network.

Almost 70% of the new iPhones launching in 2018 will have an Intel wireless chip, including the new iPhone 8 (2018 production units), iPhone X 2018, iPhone 2018

Where will the new Intel chip be embedded inside the new iPhones?

The Intel wireless chip will be embedded right on the bottom of the A12 Bionic chip in the new iPhones. Although the patent of placement of the Intel Chip has not yet been confirmed or leaked, so these are my predictions and this could possibly be Apple’s design in the final release.

More Apple news coming soon, and I will be reporting it as soon as i get it.

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