What If The ‘iPhone’ Never Existed??

“Today Apple Is Going To Reinvent The Phone.”

– Steve Jobs

If Steve Jobs Didn’t Get On To The Stage Unveiling The iPhone, There Would Be Touch But All The Modern Flagships Would Be The Flip And ‘QWERTY’ Phone.
Would You Prefer To Use A BlackBerry Or A Nokia With QWERTY Keyboard??

The Business Users Would Use A BlackBerry.
The Music Lover’s Would Use A Sony Walkman.
The Gamers Would Use The Nokia N-Gage.
The Photographers Would Wait For A Nokia N-Series Phone.

And Samsung, LG (Apple’s Greatest Rivals) Would Be Still Selling Appliances & TV’s.

What About Software??

The Windows Phone And Nokia’s Meego OS Would Be The Most Popular And Android Would Have Been Completely Different.

There Wouldn’t Be Siri The AI Assistant And No Awkward Situation Of Talking To Your Phones.


The 3.5mm Jack Would Still Be A Thing And All The Existing Companies Wouldn’t Run Behind The Notch.
There Wouldnt Be A Phone That Costs Over A $1000…
Can You Imagine A World Without The iPhones??

So Apple May Not Be The Best Choice For Some But Remember You Own A Real ‘Smart’phone Only Because Of Apple.

To The Father Of Innovation “Steve Jobs”…

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Pranav Chaparala

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