Naming Schemes For 2018 iPhones leaked

The names are as it goes.

iPhone 6.1″ Mid-range Model’s name will be kept simple and will be called ‘iPhone’

The higher end models like the iPhone 5.8″ and 6.5″ models will be called iPhone X (again)

Apple is trying to keep the names as simple as they can so that they don’t stress out on the naming schemes and loose a lot of time, than rather design the concepts and technical features.

There isn’t going to be any new names like iPhone 11/iPhone 11 plus, iPhone 9, SE-2 or SE-V.2 (as we have heard such names in the past few months for naming the new 2018 iPhones). This time Apple is taking a simple approach, just like before. And are trying to keep the names of the new 2018 models as simple as they can get. Rather than making the names look too technical or complex.

Apple is working in a good way by not focusing a lot on the names and focusing more on the phones. They are really working for it.

Could there be any possible change in the names?

Yes, there could be possibilities of Apple.Inc changing the names just before the release of the iPhones. There are possibilities because we are still far ahead form the release of any new iPhones. So we would have to wait to confirm the names. The change of names could happen because the names have been leaked out from a source working inside Apple. So the possibilities are still there for change.

We will be informing as soon as we get the responsible information. Thank you.

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