The perfect iPad for students

On march 27 Apple released a new 9.7 inch iPad destined for students who want to take all the advantages of an iPad pro, including compatibility with the Apple Pencil, in a simple and cheaper way.The new iPad has a beautiful 9.7 inch Retina display, Apple has also included an A10 Fusion chip, which makes this iPad the fastest of its predecessors, apart from the Pro versions. This model comes in space gray, silver and also in a new gold finish.

Although this iPad is now compatible with Apple Pencil, it does not support Smart Keyboard connection, but third party companies like Logitech have been announcing compatible accessories, like a keyboard and pencil called “crayon”, both of these designed for kids.

The iPad 6th generation (as Apple has named it) is already on sale and with a price of $299 for schools, or $329 for other consumers, this new iPad is the cheapest of them all, and certainly a great study tool for students from all around the world. 

(Image via Apple)

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