New Innovations Towards a Healthier Planet With Apple

Yesterday Apple announced that for each product received through the website or in Apple stores through the “Apple GiveBack” program they will donate to the non-profit: Conservation International until the end of April in recognition of Earth Day. They also introduced a new robot; Daisy to replace the previous recycling robot; Liam. This all went towards its commitment to create a healthier planet through innovation.

With the “Apple GiveBack” program it allows people to recycle their old iPhones to help create a healthier environment one step at a time. As well as work towards Apple’s goal of making its products from only recycled or renewable resources. There is also some incentive to the owner of the device because for eligible products, they can receive credit to be used at an Apple store or their website towards a purchase.

Apples new disassembly robot; Daisy is the most efficient way of reclaiming the valuable materials on an iPhone. Daisy is based of their previous 2016 robot; Liam and was even made using some of the same parts. Daisy is capable of disassembling 9 different versions of iPhone at 200 phones an hour. All the parts are also sorted by Daisy upon removal from the device. This allows for these materials to be reused in future products. Reducing Apple’s carbon footprint.

It is important to mention how great Apple’s efforts have been towards a healthier planet. They recently achieved the milestone of globally running on 100% green energy. This includes many factories, offices, data centres, and co-operated locations.

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Carson Kitchen

Hi, I’m Carson! I’m an Apple enthusiast and a writer for Apple Summit.

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