Apple’s Upcoming 6.1-Inch LCD iPhone Model Rumored To Use An External Touch Panel

As we getting closer to the launch date of the upcoming 2018 iPhones, more and more rumors are agreed at one thing that Apple would three new iPhones models this year; a successor of the iPhone X, a larger 6.5-inch OLED model, a low-priced 6.1-inch LCD version. Now, according to the Chinese media Feng, who claimed that the 6.1-inch model will not be able to use the In-Cell or On-Cell screen, instead, it will be using an External Touch Panel.

Feng’s sources stated that because of the large size and higher resolution display, the 6.1-inch model’s touch panel to adopts the External Touch Panel, which is now used by the iPad Pro models. This will be the first time that Apple to use the screen technology since iPhone 5 was launched, as the iPhone 5 and later models all equipped with In-Cell screen design.

For those who aren’t familiar with In-Cell, On-Cell, and external touch panel screen technology, In-Cell integrates the touch panel and display altogether so that the thickness can be reduced and the display can be directly attached to the protective glass.

While On-Cell is not directly combined, the touch and display part is still independent. If the touch panel is embedded in the display, the screen won’t be as thin as In-Cell, but the display result remains consistent.

However, switching to an external touch panel does not mean the screen quality will be decreasing. In the end, the 6.1-inch iPhone X’s panel technology would either be the GFF (Glass Film Film), OGS (One Glass Solution), or GG (Glass to Glass).

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